Dare TO PLAY with your inner thoughts and outwardly reflect your female qualities… embrace your feminity… reveal and open up on those moments that you choose, and not because someone else expects you to. Reflect your deeper emotion, be the woman who dares to explore her feelings, and wears lingerie to reflect this. After Eden offers an extensive lingerie collection which ensures that each moment of the day you can feel empowered and a complete woman…wearing After Eden lingerie allows you to be yourself, and to lead your life exactly as you have planned… enjoy freedom, be self confident, self assured, and more importantly be yourself…it’s your world, it’s after eden’s world,

Be that woman of the world

After Eden is a well known lingerie brand. The combination between a contemporary look and a comfortable fit makes After Eden the prefect brand for the modern woman.

She is conscious, fashionable, confident and centered in life. She is guided by her world, knows what she wants and is committed to beautiful lingerie.

This is After Eden. The collection consists of a wide range of products. Within the lingerie collection there is a fashion and also a basic line. The basic line covers the After Eden Sensitive collection. The fashion collection consists of fashionable lingerie in the latest fashion colors.