WR.Ups Technology

Developed  through an in-depth research on materials. Modelling and innovative technical solutions. The WR.UP technology shapes and holds in the female body on the buttocks, thighs and waistline. The nature itself of jersey and game of cuts studied with extreme care, produced a wrapping fit and modelling  effect, which emphasize the female body in all its shapes.

WR.UP®jersey trousers, shaping effect

Are you looking for a pair of trousers that guarantees a perfect fit? Try this new Freddy model with WR.UP® technology, designed to underline all women’s best shape. Thanks to the special seams, a silicone membrane and striking cuts, the WR.UP® trousers by Freddy supports and redesigns the bottom, modelling, and holding in the buttocks and thighs guaranteeing a perfect fit. Made in jersey these trousers are available in different colours all very trendy. The fit is tight and comfortable, ideal for everyday life. Once tried on, the results will be so incredible that you will never want to turn back!