About Guess Jewellery

GUESS Jewellery launched its collection in 2007 with a women’s line featuring iconic, high-fashion jewellery. In keeping with the GUESS image, the ever-evolving jewellery collections reflect the sexy, young, adventurous nature of the brand, appealing to fashion-driven consumers all around the world.

Collections perfect for the Guess girl fashionista are well represented by the Fashion category, with ranges illuminated by stunning Swarovski® crystals presented in a large variety of colours and shades, and embellished with elegant design details that give them absolutely premium positioning. Guess Jewellery Fashion collections celebrate and showcase the brand’s unmistakable taste for cutting-edge style, creating an extensive range of jewellery decorated with fine crystals in bold colour combinations, the result of exclusive handcrafting and ideal for any season with plenty of lustre.