About Us

Obaku Denmark, a global brand represented in more than 50 countries,takes its name from a branch of the Zen philosophy, which focuses on the essentials in life.

In a world full of noise, where simplicity is hard to find, Obaku brings the perfect balance, where not only the design, but the philosophy and identity of it fits perfectly with the necessities of those whom are looking for calm and peace.

Each Obaku watch is part of a story of harmony and sophisticated creativity. The fusion of the Danish and the Oriental world starts in the evergreen lands of Denmark, where the designers Christian Mikkelsen and Lau Liengård Ruge bring to life their ideas of new Obaku watches. Afterwards, their creations travel to the Far East to take a physical form in the peace and calm of the oriental Zen philosophy. 

Obaku watches are simple, clean and minimalist in their appearance