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International supermodel model, actress and beauty industry pioneer, Iman, has not only graced the runways and magazine covers of top magazines worldwide, she is also the CEO and creative force behind IMAN Cosmetics. “Throughout my career, I had to create makeup that looked good on me, by being a good chemist. So, I decided to introduce my own line because I realized there wasn’t a product on the market that met my needs or the needs of the majority of women throughout the world.” This was the inspiration behind the 1994 launch IMAN Cosmetics.

IMAN is now the premiere makeup and skin care brand for women with “skin of colour.” IMAN Cosmetics offers one of the largest selections of flawless finish makeup and state of the art treatment products available globally. By using the description “skin of colour”, Iman has redefined the way the beauty industry speaks to multicultural women. IMAN Cosmetics addresses skin tone, instead of race or ethnicity. “I believe women of all different skin tones are the women of the world: Multicultural, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, African and Middle Eastern. These women make up a great portion of the population world-wide.”

Iman also stresses that, “The skin you take care of in your teens and 20’s is the skin you will inherit in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond.” This is why IMAN Cosmetics features a comprehensive collection of skincare products that emphasizes the importance of a clear and radiant complexion for all skin tones. “We start by dispelling the myths—we are not made of steel. Sunlight, pollution and stress affect everyone’s skin.” For Iman education and communication are the focus. “I want the consumer to tell us what her needs are rather than us telling her what they ought to be. I’m not telling anyone that I can make them look like a model, but I can make them look their best.”

In the Iman Range: