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“Established in 1923, in the United States of America, Maidenform was a pioneer in the Lingerie industry, empowering women the world over with their imaginative campaigns and innovative product. Maidenform started out with a flat chested band which evolved from the boyish form bandeau to have two cups separated with a centre piece of elastic.This was then named the Maidenform Brassiere. By the 1970’s it was recognized that the US population of people under the age of 25 was increasing- therefore the Maidenform styles were adjusted to appeal to the younger audience.

Maidenform introduced Flexees and Maidenform Speciality brands into their collection in the 1990’s, as well as Customize It which introduces the multiway bra’s. In the 2000’s Maidenform launches ‘One fabulous fit’ featuring 21st century innovations in comfort, support and technologically advanced materials.

Maidenform is the premier, first to market, iconic Lingerie Brand due to their technical combination of form, fit and function. Leaders in the USA in the T shirt bra and Shapewear categories, this highly talented design team continually set new records for innovation and technical advancement. A Maidenform bra is an investment designed to enhance your natural assets, combined with incredible support and function.”
Available in selected stores soon.
In the maidenform RANGE: