The Gemini Shopping Style. – Much like the Gemini’s personality their shopping style is unpredictable and spontaneous. As much as you love an impulse buy, you tend to revert back to classic pieces. We have the perfect winter coats and jackets for the Gemini shopper. They will give you that modern unpredictable twist you so desire, keeping with that classic shape you just cannot live without.


For Him


For Her



The Taurus Shopping Style – The Taurus Man and Lady are best defined by these characteristics, artistic, loyal, great sense of humour, practical thinker, strong-willed, sporty, with a strong love for fashionable comfort and nature. A Taurus will prefer to dress according to comfort, without losing their sense of style.  The Taurus lady will always opt for a pair of trendy flats over the latest heels. They love earthy colours, warm brown, orange, pastels and shades of red.  A Taurus has a strong sense of adventure and a take over the world attitude. That is why Palladium boots are so well suited for both the Taurus Man and Lady.

While stocks last. Available at selected Stuttafords store.


For Him

Palladium was founded in 1920 to make aircraft tires for the aviation industry. In 1947, after the end of WWII saw demand for tires dry up. Palladium soon became outfitters of the legendary French Foreign Legion with their classic canvas Pampa boot. Over 60 years later the timeless design of Palladium’s signature Pampa boot is as relevant as ever and available once again for explorers worldwide.


For Her

Palladium expands its selection of footwear with new fashion silhouettes, a fresh seasonal color palette and iconic prints, including modern takes on floral, paisley, polka-dot and camouflage patterns. Shop Palladium at selected Stuttafords stores.



The Aries Shopping Style – Are you looking for the perfect fracgrance for your Aries Man or Lady? The limited addition Paco Rabanne Olympea Eau de Parfum (for her) and Invictus Eau de Toilette (for him) is the perfect Aries fit.

While stocks last. Available at selected Stuttafords store.


For Him

Paco Rabanne Invictus its new fragrance for the Aries men, which represents fresh and sporty creation in relation to the other perfumes of the house.. Invictus, which is Latin for “invincible,” represents power, dynamism and energy.The fragrance opens with fresh grapefruit and a marine accord that lead to the heart of aromatic bay leaf and Hedione jasmine and a woody base of guaiac wood, patchouli, oak moss and ambergris.


For Her

Olympéa Aqua is a fragrance for the Aries women, it opens with the freshness of Calabrian bergamot, aquatic accords and petitgrain that lead to the heart of ginger flower. The power of the fragrance is reflected in the base of salted vanilla, ambergris and cashmere wood..



The Pisces Shopping Style – (February 19 to March 20) Pisces people love shopping by intuition, known for their unique style that expresses their personality.  They have the ability to style colours, patterns and accessories like no other.  They love wearing mauve, shades of purple, sea green and silver. They pick up on trends early and add their own fresh twists them.

Prices correct at time of post, 1/2/16. E&OE. While stocks last. Available at selected Stuttafords store.


For Him

1. Polo Golfer – R599.95

2. Tommy Hilfiger – R2499.95

3. Tommy Hilfiger Denim – R1499.95

4. Polo Sport Chino  – R899.95


For Her

1. Sissy Boy Jean – R999.95

2. Ted Baker – R1499.95

3. After Eden Bra – R499.95

4. Ted Baker – R799.95

5. After Eden Panty – R279.95



You love expressing yourself through fashion; Bright vivid colours, especially electric blue, unusual interesting patterns and styles are second nature to Aquarians. By mixing pieces from different brands you create fresh looks of your own. You are individualistic with a strong sense of your own style and personality. You express your sense of humour though your style, being daring to stand out and not take yourself too seriously. This is what labels you a trend setter.

Prices correct at time of post. E&OE. While stocks last. Available at selected Stuttafords store.


For Him

1. Guess Jean – R899.95

2. Ben Sherman Tee – R649.95

3. DC Shoes – R849.95

4. Busby Hat – R139.95


For Her

1. Sissy Boy Body Suit – R399.95

2. Busby Hat – R129.95

3. Guess Handbag – R2 299.95

4. French Sole – R1 899.95

5. Sissy Boy Shorts – R449.95