About Adidas Women’s Training

adidas wanted to further establish a tone & visual language for the Women’s Training category, evolving from the SS11 activities.

Introduce & promote our athletes: Use them to define the category.
Ensure training is seen as part of your lifestyle.

Consumer interviews
Competitor audit – what other sports brands doing?

Insight –
“My friends get, and keep, me motivated.”

There are two sides of the conversation

The mental and the physical:

Physical motivation:
It gives me better results
I want to loose weight
I want to become faster, stronger, better
I want to become a better athlete

This conversation is all about the goal; a territory owned by Nike and UA.

Mental motivation:
I want to have more fun training:
Fight boredom
Get inspired
Getting out of the rut
Try something new
Get surprised
Do something that fits my mood

The campaign
We developed a campaign that enabled women to redefine how they look at training, and as result how they look at adidas Women Training.
We claimed our territory: motivation through social engagement, training together – Training as a team sport.

The campaign was released in time for the 2012 Olympics: We were able to leverage the success of heptathlete Jessica Enis, bringing the conversation to adidas’ Facebook page and ignite interest with her inspirational win.