A modern day couple who enjoy life and are in line with their time.

They have chosen the Quatre ring as a symbol of their story, their bond and their heritage.

It reveals and embodies their personality, faith in the future, self-confidence, strength of character, resolutely free lifestyle and unwavering innate elegance.

Daring, urban, active, eager to discover anything new and different.

Men and Woman of vision and conviction who stand by their choices.

The Quatre fragrances are a modern and daring olfactory interpretation of the Jewellery House’s iconic ring.

The design is based on the Quatre ring, a timeless piece, a blend of colours, metals, stones & engraving effects which is constantly reinventing itself and creating the element of surprise. A unisex ring created in 2004 with sculpted graphic lines.

Assertive and contemporary, they reveal the strength of character and charisma of those who wear them.

The fragrance expression of a subtle balance of modern day times and heritage, innovation and tradition, rock & chic.

Quatre Duo Ladies is a fruity, floral & woody fragrance.

Quatre Duo Mens is a woody, aromatic & oriental fragrance.