FDJ create garments guided by fashion and inspired by you. FDJ’s success of the brand rests on their commitment to their core principles (fit, quality, service, distribution and giving back) understanding how to create and offer a perfect fit for every type of silhouette. Using fabrics meeting the highest quality standards and all jeans contain Lycra® for greater stretch and recovery, comfort and durability.

Also distinctive is the collection’s range of styles differing by Rise (Regular, Mid and Slightly Lower), Body Shape (Straight or Curvy), Height (Regular inseam of 33” or Petite inseam of 30”) and Leg Opening (Slim, Straight, Bootcut or Flared), designed to satisfy individual needs and preferences. The four FDJ steadfast and true fits: Peggy, Suzanne, Olivia, and Kylie. Each style is unique and sublimely shapes the silhouette in its own way, combining comfort, slimming effect, fashion and versatility.

Season after season, loyal FDJ customers rediscover their favorite fits in new fabrics, detailing and embellishments. With various combinations of shape & rise to satisfy the needs of each, all fits are designed to lift the behind and slim the tummy.