COLLECTION 153 Inspiration & Highlights

  • Animal prints are back, a classic that will always be in fashion. It will bring glamour and a touch of feminity to your wardrobe!
  • Volumes and loose fitting silhouettes, a big trend in tops and dresses, brings comfort and casual elegance.
  • Jacquards are in the spotlight! Dressing up our pants, jackets and dresses.
  • Suede and leather are in fashion! Often embellished with zipper details that enhance these fabrics.
  • Layering is once again an important part of the trends. You’ll have plenty of choices with our selection of matching pieces such as cover ups and tunics with transparency. Look no further!


COLLECTION Inspiration & Highlights

  •  A key item for this collection: long and short fringes, as a total look or as an accent detail combined to various fabrics.
  •  An essential trendy element offered is to add a textured detail to your look. The materials and colors used are diversified, making it possible to create a new look with pieces you already own. This trend is also present in faux leather collection.
  •  Venture on lighter, softer and transparent fabrics allowing you to layer and achieve a nude effect.
  •  The cape is also a trendy item, it has inspired the creations of many of our new styles. 
  •  The sparkling materials are offered on a wide scale of fabrics qualities for dresses, pants, blouses, tops, tunics, coats and jackets.