Introducing Montblanc’s new delicately feminine and resolutely modern fragrance for woman.

For Montblanc, diamonds are a signature. They symbolise love, purity and beauty.

In 2006, after many years of research, and in honour of the House of Montblanc’s 100th anniversary, Montblanc launched the Montblanc diamond. Designed in the form of the House of Montblanc’s emblem, whose shape evokes the snow-capped peak of the six glacial valleys of the Mont Blanc, the Montblanc diamond is the patented result of incredible technical expertise: forty-three facets, a table and crown unlike any other in the world, and a perfectly pointed culet.

The bottle is a carbon copy of the Montblanc diamond, it has the same number of facets, reflects the same brilliance and draws the same dreams.

Mystifying rose sake is the focal point. The exceptional rose sake is obtained through highly sophisticated distillation to maintain refinement, naturalness and grace. Seductive, yet floral one moment and fruity the next.

The spicy head note of Pink peppercorn, complements the pink grapefruit. The two blend like a diamond whose brilliance pierces and dazzles, inducing dreams. To bring out the rose, jasminum sambac from China provides the feeling of real petals and exquisite pomegranate, as juicy as it is fragrant, makes the heart race. Powdery, velvety sandalwood provides amber tones from the bottom to the top, and crystals of musk gently emerge. This creates a delicately sensuous base for an exquisite and extraordinary feminine elixir.