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Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez draws his inspiration from women, for women.

His creations are designed to celebrate their beauty and sensuality, to set off their body.

Magic starts when the garment comes alive on the body wearing it.

Beyond a woman’s beauty, there is her gracefulness that touches and inspires Narciso Rodriguez.

The indefinable gracefulness of a woman that radiates from her personality, the way she moves, her laughter or her eyes.

It is this state of being, more than her appearance that influences Narciso Rodriguez’s creations.

Other than a dress, what could be more natural than to clothe a woman with a fragrance, a fragrant aura, and the tangible and moving expression of feminine gracefulness?

Accompanied by BPI, Narciso Rodriguez has embarked upon the road of creating a fragrance to translate this vision of the inspirational women, the muse.

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