Passionata is Playful & Sexy

A must in the lingerie universe, the Passionata brand makes the women’s lives fun and sexy. With a mischievous and trendy spirit, Passionata has seduced more than one!

With a subtle dosage of fashion and lifestyle, the Passionata twist is what best describes the brand. Passionata is about an irresistible bow for the detail, exclusive colours to electrify the trends, easy-to-wear cuts, easy-to-love designs. By rethinking the basics and mixing the styles, Passionata offers an original chromatic choice and an eclectic wardrobe to answer the desires of all women.

But who is the Passionista girl? Active, sparkling, independent, free and confident, the Passionista is a woman that takes life in both hands and lives every moment! She loves fashion, plays with her style, does and undoes her looks according to her moods.

Besides offering sexy and resolutely playful lingerie, the brand has gone up in sizes up to H cup to widen its lifestyle ranges and sets itself at affordable prices. A good price for value to always have more fun!