Sans Complex is a French brand, born in 1997. It’s launch was the result of two findings:

1 – at that time, fuller women struggled to find attractive lingerie in their sizes at an affordable price; and

2 – the majority of available lingerie was very simple and classic, produced in black, white or flesh colours. These items were targeted at a market seeking function rather than style.

Sans Complexe provides for the fuller woman to enhance and show-off their best assets instead of hide them.

Based on the experience and know-how of the group Wolf Lingerie, Sans Complexe launched stylish products that are distinguished by their originality, quality and comfort.

It is clear that creativity, elegance and excellence are the three values that have led Sans Complexe to the success it is today. The wearer takes on these values and portrays the image of femininity. She is given the confidence to stand up tall through the brands’ signature: “Sans Complexe…Praise of Femininity”.

Lingerie Sans Complexe is for women with generous curves. It satisfies a woman’s thirst for femininity and freedom and is packed with special care.