Simone Pérèle founded the lingerie company that bears her name in Paris during 1948. She had an unfaltering vision and dedication to liberate women and design lingerie that enhanced the feminine body’s natural curves. At a time when women were still tightly corseted, Mrs Pérèle began to design lingerie that was meant to excite. She quickly gained a reputation for breaking with tradition by creating fine lingerie dedicated to a woman’s desire to feel beautiful as well as comfortable.

Now, 60 years later, her 2 children, Philippe and Catherine manage the business, carrying on in their mother’s spirit, determined to produce the finest lingerie. Central to this is the mission of empowering women to possess an inner confidence and a style that is naturally distinctive, self-assured, accomplished and elegant.

The typical Simone Pérèle woman is a modern citizen for whom the most important aspect in life is to be themselves without compromising on their inner sensuality. They combine this with their passionate lifestyle that attest of an impressive sense of independence, assertiveness and general skill in handling with all of life’s greatest and smallest challenges.

In the words of Pérèle herself: “Women do not need to choose between elegance and comfort”.