STELLA : Celebrating the signature scent with a new and modern look

Stella McCartney celebrates the woman of today: feminine, naturally confident and modern, with her signature scent STELLA. Living and creating by the same ethos as her brand, Stella McCartney designs and evolves her collections each season while remaining true to herself. The fashion house’s first fragrance is inspired by her enduring vision. Relaunched with a standout new advertising campaign and packaging, STELLA’s original essence remains housed in its original flacon. The unmistakable feminine rose scent fused with the complimenting contrast of masculine amber remains the same, yet with a captivating and fresh new look.

“When we created STELLA, we created a scent so true to the brand, it was an effortless extension of the Stella McCartney brand and still stands for today. STELLA is woven into our story and its evolution with new design details to keep it current,” says Stella McCartney

STELLA : The new campaign

Leading STELLA’s new look is the advertising campaign. An eye-catching duo of images of Lara Stone show the Dutch model’s iconic facial features under a sensual lens. Playful and daring, Stone’s dewy lips catch the faceted sides of STELLA’s flacon in one visual, while another depicts a natural, pared-back portrait. A third image reveals Lara’s sensual curves and flesh, discreetly covered by STELLA. The photographs convey an attitude that underlines the bold yet feminine spirit of Stella McCartney’s designs.

“STELLA is a celebration of women, and Lara is the perfect representation. She brings the ideas of the fragrance alive, in an honest way, she is a modern woman who is approachable and sensual at the same time,” says Stella McCartney.

STELLA :  Original essence, new expression

Launching alongside the advertising campaign, is a vivid new packaging look. Merging the classic with the contemporary, the plum-shaded outer carton is covered in playful embossed gold polka dots. The carton’s rich purple hue is carefully matched to the plum-coloured glass flacon, finished with a lustrous gold collar accent. The packaging’s sophisticated contemporary design is a striking representation of the brand’s ideology. The outside packaging reveals the same original faceted bottle designed by Stella McCartney and inspired by an amethyst crystal to radiate an ombre of plum tones.

STELLA : The Scent

Unchanged is STELLA’s scent. The debut fragrance from Stella McCartney, STELLA is a homage to the English rose, a powerful symbol of the English fashion designer’s beloved home country, and a classic expression of femininity. The perfect contrast of the feminine rose with the masculinity of amber gives a sultry finish while reflecting the different facets of the woman. Modern, beautiful and sensual, Stella’s scent composition is approachable and enduring with distinct top notes, heart accord and base notes.

Soft rosy floral top notes drive the fragrance, subtly balanced with sharp, fresh mandarin essence and light peony flower. Intensifying and elongating the opening notes, the heart is pure rose, to represent absolute femininity. STELLA’s complimenting base notes give a strong, sensual finish. Resonating up through the rose accord, the masculinity of the amber develops the traditional floral, making it bold and sexy.