When Triumph’s founders launched their corsetry business from a barn in Heubach in 1886, they had start-up funds of 2000 gold marks and employed 6 staff. As a comparison, the company today has annual sales exceeding 1.6 billion US dollars and employs over 40,000 staff all over the world. At the same time as Paris couturier Charles Frederic Worth was the first man to “enhance” the female form with padding, the two founders of Triumph were setting up their operations in a barn.

Triumph has become world renowned as a brand that truly talks to all women. It inspires and enchants and makes you feel good about yourself and your body.

Triumph’s products praise and encourage the uniqueness of woman, bringing out the best in them – whoever they are, as every one of them is one of a kind in her own special way. All products are also created with true attention to detail with respect and dedication, perfectly made to fit the woman of today.

Triumph lingerie focuses on inviting woman to live their dreams, whilst also offering the very best in fashion and design. This leads to a sense of confidence that is a direct result of the enchanting effect that Triumph lingerie has.